Problem with latest version


Units are hard to control


Maybe you should explain why you have trouble controlling units… Cause no one else feels the same way.



I will do a stable release next week, with the new controls disabled. Development of the new controls will be continued on the beta track until they work really well. Adding unit selection and group movement is an important step for being able to add future functionality.


You need to stop listening to all of these people who keep telling you to improve the game. This game is simple and always will be. If you could keep a simple thing simple instead of complicating it that would be a great way to avoid ruining it.


Nobody needs to control groups of units in this game. This isn’t Sid meiers Antietam where you are controlling like 200 regiments,


Just so you know, the group control will be in addition to the current single unit control setup. You will still be able to play like you are wanting to play. The idea of group control is to ease the movement process and in my opinion Nik has laid a good foundation for this.



All I can tell you is I try to control one unit and I end up controlling another.


Did you update to the latest version? There was a fix for this.



You should join the tournament.



I didn’t seem to have any problems with it online