Problems logging in


Your IP is not blocked. I didn’t notice it said version 28 on the store as first glance…


Interesting how I got that App Store update for version 29 JUST AFTER I join the forum. That wasn’t weird at all!!!


And just then I lose mobile data, weird as well.


I think this is just stupid anyways. It should just use game centre, the reason I’m having this glitch is Felix is probably trying to hack me, or it has something to do with multiple ip’s ie the wifi ip and the mobile data ip. This really could be the only issue that I can see.


What it is… Is that the anonymous player login is conflicting with the SW forum login. Nik will fix that in a jiffy @Jezzadajesta



(When an update is release in the App Store, it may take some time for the app description to propagate to all of their servers in all regions and you might see old info for a while, it’s “normal”.)

I’m trying to reproduce this problem, but it’s one of those nasty timing or network related glitches that only show up under the “right” conditions.

SW Tournament - April 2017

Hi, I’m having the same problem. I login by typing my email and password and I still stay as “player”


I just can’t host a map for the tournament it goes straight to practice mode


If it goes straight to practice mode its the old version. Go to App Store and update to the latest version 29.


I have bug


Doesn’t have an update last one was march 30th I’m on iPad Pro



Great! Thanks!


Just did the update to version 30 and I still have Player.


Ahead it says I’m logged in but my name won’t appear I’m just player without an avatar how do I fix


Why is this still a problem??? I’d like to play.


Jezza read… it’s the 31 version that will fix this problem. He has released it to apple and they are processing the app for release. It should be out in 1-2 days.



Nikodil released an update that should fix this bug. It will take a day or two for this update to come out on iOS. Those of us who have this problem will just have to be patient.


Thruzan! Why u gotta beat me to it again? :joy:


I’ve gone from 28 to 29 few days ago when I joined. And now 29 to 30. And now your telling me there is a third one. Ffs. How bogus?