Problems with beta?


The new beta won’t let me play against others😰

Sign up for beta here

Could you describe what happens? Are you joining an existing match or trying to host your own?


All that comes up is practice and create map it won’t let me click host or join :flushed:


Any advise


Hosting your own maps requires Early Access. For more info, see

Joining matches works as before, and you should be able to click an empty slot if a new match list to the right?


It won’t let me join any match accept practice nothing else comes up sir


my beta runs smoothly so far no lag nothing


How would I get early access and can u tell me the steps to get early access thx m8

  1. Visit and click Become a patron to sign up
  2. PM me here on this forum, and I’ll grant you the Early Access badge


Hello it’s says 24$ do u have to pay to be a patriot? Cause I’m just a kid


Yes, you can become a patron by supporting this project and that will get you on Early Access. You can pledge any amount you want (the $24 is the current total of pledges from all patrons so far).


Can i be a patron free??


All your pledges will get you premium credits, so it’s already as free as it can get.


Ok thx well I’m a kid and parents don’t like whistling money so I’ll just wait for the updates