Quitters club deluxe (in loving memory for the ones who got cold feet) and rage quitters




Raise ur mofekin hands in the air!!!


as usual you are keeping yourself busy by posting topics calling players names

just saying i prob wont see your answer and attacks on me till a few weeks


Me calling players names? I could call you a crackhead for the ilogical noncence you post…but that would be insulting to people with serious addictions and problems in life! Unless you noticed I am the one being called names…if you bother to look at the screenshots!

And what is more chocking the idiocy written by you is getting likes!



W O W. Seems lik ur popular.


The ones who stray from the tribe are allways "popular! Politicians are popular, warcriminals are popular…“Yay” sayers are popular…I dont say “Yay”!


yeah i know, calling a topic “quitters club deluxe” is NOT calling someone a quitter right?

next answer in 4 weeks (about)


What fucking four weeks you degenerate!? This is about the ones who get cold feet and quit with screenshots of their quitting asses, there of quitters! “Piece of trash no good quitters” would be namecalling! You should be on the battlefield instead of being an irritating piece of shit on the forum, THAT WAS NOT NAMECALLING EITHER!


This one even put his emotion to words


French short guy in disguise and mr HeHe, notorious rage quitters…

…and deluted loosers!




You all have cowards blood seeping threw your pores including you crni it ozes from your mouth and draines from your eyes


Who is all lol


You have pickled fish stench that ozes from every vagina in ur family, including yours!



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