Range fired into melé


Does range fired into a melé kill more enemy troops or do friendly get as much damage as the rest!?


I’m not sure. I think friendly fire does more morale damage than actual damage.


I avoid firing into a melé since I feel its bad to kill ur own inf, but I have seen ppl use it with success…on the other hand if I do it hurts my troops! Confusing!


Send a sacrifice unit and charge in , the can cluster on it and you shoot , you will lose the 1 unit , how or you will get many many more kills


Nice advice, but did not answer my question!


They kill more enemy than friendly if it is 1 melee on 1 . The epicenter of the volley is on the enemy units therefore more die


However this is very slight also this depends on position on units fighting


ok thank u


Makes sense


It depends on how many units you have vs enemy units if enemy units outnumber you friendly fire benefits you if you outnumber enemy in melee you will rout due to friendly fire


Arrows, once released, are neutral, and will kill whoever stands in their way


As they should be…thanks for the reply!


True but in my time of playing i found that it all depends on the situation there have been countless times ive routed an enemy that outnumberd me in infantry melee and the arrows benefited me but if i outnumberd there inf and i fired my units would route is this a mechanic that you purposfully made or is this a machanic that happend by default


Would make sense. More units to hit.


A missile unit aims at the center of the target unit, and individual arrows are distributed randomly around the target spot. If there’s a mass of soldiers in melee and and the enemy outnumber you 2 to 1, the probability of hitting an enemy soldier will also approximately be 2 to 1.


What I was trying to say, but more logical and statistical. Is statistical a word? Didn’t autocorrect.


THX Felix!


Battles of attrition seem to be my tactic


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