Ranged units problems


I have a few problems regarding ranged units
1 archers vs guns
If you mach up at hers and guns it will end without a clear winner I think the guns should be winning in close combat either make them have less reloading time or make them do More damage
2 when you run units to the archers their hits miss which is understanding but when you run troops to the gunnes they also miss I means y should bullets miss???
3 why can’t archers fire at least a little over things look
The slightest hill blocks the shots will there be asny improvemens regarding ranged units???


Some good points but I rather like that you need to perfectully align your archers or gun men to shoot , but good points with the gunners missing win they shoot not 100% sure if they miss every shot but good observation


Hey man… I’m not sure where you are getting this from but gunners are practically 100% accurate.
In my opinion, the position where you placed that archer on the hill would hinder the unit from aiming and shooting.
Also I tried the archer vs gunner test, sometimes the archers win… others the gunner win. However from experience, my opinion is that the archers do more damage when they can actually hit the target but gunners always hit and give a more steady amount of damage.



The dead soldiers when running there were 2_volleys
There were six volleys but each volley got more hits
When they’re walking


Archers the amount of dead when running
The amount of dead foir walking well gunners have about the same stats


Images are from before the latest update seems a lot better after the update
Running against guns
Against archers less casualties
Walking against Archer’s
Against guns


@Thruzan do you really think these archers shouldn’t be able to fire at the cavalry???



Move the archers closer to the edge…


I understand but y doors that block them in first place???


I would say that they can’t visually aim at the unit down there. Consider yourself those archers, you can’t see it so how would you shoot it…
Just my opinion:wink:





I wouldn’t really call any of this ‘problems’. I’d say you should put this stuff as suggestions. I’d probably say that the gunners can have improved damage but they are extremely accurate…



Well as I said after the latest update it seems better (photo)


First off the main problem with ranged units In this game is that archers should reload 4-6 times faster than the guns. That’s how bows work. Until the 1850’s archers both had a longer range and much, much higher rates of fire. The advantages of muskets are you can train a peasant to use one in a weekend and they can carry more ammo and of course guns are terror weapons.
So archers could have limited ammo, of maybe fewer of them. Also the fact that they can’t hit running cav is such total bullshit arrows are much faster than horses. At shorter rangers direct fire would be impossible to miss even if they were running. Horses should take much higher damage from archers too since they are such soft targets.


I think what Nox meant about the gunmen were that according to the shot-animations does it actually look like some shots miss, plus the bullet fly in quite random directions

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(They kinda shoot without order)