Records, Ratios, And Real Tatics, Castles


Hi! There’s these people who play the game and want to fight someone good. But When I try to play and I am very good, they said I was a bad player so can you make a counter that holds your win lose records

Second Im not sure so it needs clarification but Ill have a fesh unit of Pikes and Spears going against some about to route Cav and my spears lost and I know that wouldnt happen in real life because Pikes are good at reaching the Horses. So just clarify this please.

Third, Make at least one castle map. Where one side is a city and the other side is a bigger army. I know thats a big task with scaling and stuff so take as much time as you want. Anyway great game


For your Yari Ashigaru, you always need to support them with either Naginata, or Katana Samurai, Because Yari Ashigaru have very low morale, and are not armored very well (Yari Ashigaru are basically Pike Militia) so thats probably why you loose them, plus, they are very vulnerable to missile fire (Gunners and Archers) so if you fight cav while under fire with yari, you will almost always loose! Another issue is client lag… Where if you or your opponent have bad internet, your men (or your opponents men) will take longer to die, as it takes longer for casualties to register (if not at all).


and as for the castles, I would recommend going here to suggest it :smiley:


No Missle Fire At All


Ok, then it was probably that there was client lag, or they where unsupported…


And the leader board is down due to the fact that you could easily exploit it via practice mode… So that will probably be fixed (see Roadmap)


I mean like when you go to fight someone it shows wins and loses


can you elaborate a bit on that?


Under your profile it says some like
8 Wins- 6 loses
Or just


ah, i see… very interestng


I wouldn’t like that to be the first thing you see though. I think you should have to tap a few things to see it, because if the first thing anyone saw was 902:120, nobody would fight them.


That’s another good point


Hello Everyone! VoltBlooop Sir,

I Have Posted Some ideas About Castles/Palaces in the- What we’d like to See in Samurai Wars!

It’s a little Rough my iPad was giving me issues.


Why do people think that I am the guy who runs this, I am going to be blunt here, I don’t really care about these topics anymore, as I have way more important things to deal with at this point in time. Plus I cannot even read what you wrote… So yeah, fortresses are being asked for by a LOT of people, both Ingame and on the forum, it’s not my place to say when a siege mode would be added to the game (or fortresses in general), but I do know for a fact that bugs and other forms of fixes will be added before features such as reinforcements (I personally think that is a very unrealistic feature, and prefer to have a limited amount of men which makes you use strategies that are meant to save your strength and deplete the enemy numbers) or fortresses. As for factions, there are several sub-communities here on the forum that are meant for that, I will update the custom faction guidelines as soon as I get my laptop fixed… But yeah… I am not the dev, I am just a guy who knows stuff about the game, lol.


Sorry Vultblooop, XD

I’m Very New to the Fourms, as much as I was trying to Express the importance of Palaces and the Castle sort of play I was not trying to influence you as I am not Sure how the Game is moving forward in the Feature! I’m sorry if I gave you My direct feedback of Constructive Criticism as to the Topic of have castles and Palacess as I’m most Deffinetly sure Some will be Apposed to it.

I Have Heard that it is Very possable there will be more Game Modes in Samurai Wars

Vultblooop sir, I personally Look forward to Hearing More from you about the Game and How it Works, I would Appreaciate your friendship and criticism on any topic I post, since you know the Game as Well as you do sir,

Thanks… Sincerely,
SyoGhost a.k.a SyoSin


If you wanna hear more about the game and how it works, contact Nikodil, because he’s really the one in charge, not Vult


Lol, thank you, I was just about to say that… But yeah, I am going to be very inactive due to a lot of bs with my laptop, we took it staples and I just wanted to get a new charger and some external cooling fans for my laptops and go home, but the guy we seen insisted on having some stuff changed with it after I accidentally brought it up. So it’s probably gone for a few more days, and then I need to spend another 3 or 4 re-downloading all of my games and software. So I am going to be very, very busy for a few days. But the 3-4 days is more of an if, really, as the guy (who was clearly stoned af) said that he would back everything up, but just in case he didn’t do anything properly, or something went wrong (as it normally does with staples) I am just gonna say that I will be gone for a few days now, rather than later.


But I don’t mind being asked questions, just as long as I am not busy. If people find me Ingame I am normally just watching chat, or something when I am bored. If I am busy I will tell you, but it’s when people pester me about when something is coming out, or continue to ask me questions when I said I was busy that I start to get kinda annoyed