Recruiting for the Ansar


Got it I’ll tell the others to


Ok and be sure to beat H.S.C a lot k


Got it but do you know how we can claim some land


Talk to cency for that thats his game


I have beat one of your men


I would like to join


This clan Is dead


I’m starting it back up again then


Although I am not Muslim, I am, as a Jew, one of the People of the Book. Moreover, I support Free Palestine as well as diversity and inclusion. Along with more diversity, I believe that solidarity is something that we really need right now. For that reason, I am hereby reopening the Al Ansar Clan, and look forward to bashing some Fash with any brothers who will join just as soon as the app starts showing my name and flag since it’s too boring playing as Player#XXXX.


You haft to log in first where it saise log in not only on forum


Assalamualaikum from a Muslim in Malaysia


This clan is dead


Malysian girls are the best in southeast asia!


Hello coward


Not when it comes to malaysian women…


My grandpa hears that well you’ll have no balls you mongol




Heh I wish you guys were still going


I would’ve joined