Recruitment for ARF


That’s not history


I know I know


It is very local history.


Its so history


I don’t know But I am a history buff


Then you should know how to research.


It was Thruzan


Ok I’m not worthy


Well you can answer both the math and geography questions as a final attempt if you want.


I’ll answer later got to go


What’s the math question


Since your leader has allowed it you can certainly join. I was only having a little fun with the question. I’ve played you before and seen that you are grasping the game already. There is a lot more we can learn. Coordinated two player games have a lot of potential.


It was an easy one :smile: What’s 1+1 in binary?


Do $ have an alliance


Remember there are 10 types of people: those who speak binary and those who don’t.


I’m a programmer tho, so I only know hexadecimals


In binary
So when reach 2 go up to 10’s
So 10 right?


am i a smart boi now?
am i the best mercenary?


In china we say 二进制
or simply: the ‘ two goes up’ rule


wow very funny
i don’t think anyone would get that one