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As you might have noticed, I’ve recently released updates for Android and iOS. From now on, the plan is to release updates on a regular basis. For the “unstable” or “beta” channel (that is, TestFlight and Android Beta testers), I expect to release new updates about weekly, or even daily if appropriate. For the “stable” or “release” channels I will do monthly updates, aiming for the start of each month (exact dates may depend on approval times).

For the server backend, I’m releasing updates continually as needed. Sometimes I need to reset the servers, and that will currently interrupt matches in progress. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience, and I’m working on a solution for continuous server updates without the need for interruptions.

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This is awesome! This is probably the best news I’ve heard this year after the Announcement of Battlefield 1…


Also, will the updates be things that will just be automatically added, or will I have to update the game?


With TestFlight on iOS you’ll get notified and have manually install. The iOS App Store and Google Play Store may install automatically, but may just notify you, depending on your settings.


Two more questions. What is the next update you plan on releasing going to be, and what is the next major gameplay update you plan on making?


The new feature I’m currently working on is editing and hosting custom maps. A lot of work is implementing the infrastructure to make this possible. There are a lot of game play changes on the to-do list (mechanics, command gestures, etc), but that will come later.


This is just great.
Samurai Wars is one of the few small games with huge potential to become great.


Any update on when we can expect changes? perhaps some time in June? We are all very excited, hopefully you could implement a form of team speak, and customizable armies?

Thanks again for this masterpiece of a game, btw.


The schedule is still releasing updates at the beginning of each month. For the upcoming update I have rewritten the user interface and it is now based on html, javascript, and Angular 2. Once this is tested and working, it will be much easier to implement features like custom armies in coming updates.

When you say team speak, do you mean voice, or the regular in-game chat?


I think he means a way to chat to only your teammates, and have a “team chat”


That’s a good idea to be honest.


I was speaking of text based “team-speak”. In other games I’ve played, the command was “/team” before beginning your team only message. Sort of like how you set up the chat in-game to only display messages from members of your game.

Thank you SO much for the ability to add customizable armies in the future. It is far and away the most exciting into look forward to in any game for me this year. I’m expecting a check in the mail, and if it’s alright with my parents more than a few dollars will head your way to keep the good work up, especially if you could promise customizable armies in the foreseeable future :wink:

One thing I would like to add, can you add fatigue to troops? In my most recent match, I “lost” because after destroying all but a few of his forces, my opponent simply ran around in circles while his archers sniped me. It’s quite annoying to see a “defeat” message simply because your opponent is able to twist game mechanics to his liking.

Thanks again for the game,


You lose if you don’t keep cal on hand when facing an opponent that has faster troops

try not to blame the mechanics of the game

That’s like saying you lost a game of chess cause you no longer have a queen but many pawns :wink:


Team chat is on the to-do list. I’ll take a look if it’s easy enough to do in the next update or so.

Fatigue is a critical factor of any battle simulation, and Samurai Wars is currently very “broken” in this regard. I’ll be revisiting the simulation part later on and fix this and a lot of other things.


123, it’s actually very true that you could beat a person almost completely, and they might survive with 2 archers, and as you chase them (because there is nothing you can do) they will occasionally stop and fire back. Once a person killed my whole army (this was like 9 months ago) but I had two archers with half health and a Yari Spear with 1/4 health, and he had no cav, so in the end I beat him. I felt like an asshole.


it’s the way of the game


Archers beating spears is realistic. Fatigue is a critical missing features, but it doesn’t actually change that dynamic, because it would affect the chasing Yari units too. IMHO, boring end games are better solved by improving morale models so that units route more easily when outnumbered, and also by introducing more interesting victory conditions than just routing the enemy.


I agree with what you said. What I mean is people running around and around while they shoot at you and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Ah, yes, very true, fatigue will bring some balance there.


U should start working on the graphics and mechanics in the game plz. Make them look better or something. Also set up a few seconds so people can set their army up so people dont just run in and attack them right when the game starts and their unready