Release schedule


It’s in deploy mode you have more time to set up your army as you like


The graphics are great don’t change anytime soon
Better working out other issues :metal:t4:


Right, I have this crazy idea about focusing on game play before graphics :smirk:


Yeah, i dont care as much about the graphics but it would be something to change in the future. Also is this game only an app for phones or is there other versions on different platforms?


I am working on a web version of the game. I’ll post some more info about that soon.


Note: I’ll be away this week so the next update will be slightly delayed.


Damn, if this comes out, a lot more people will play SW.


So what will be the next update


I will need to do another beta build of the iOS versions before releasing it. Then I will work on bringing the Android version up to date. Once that is up I will be able to go back to the regular release schedule.


Ok thx for the update :kissing_heart: