Report a Toxic Player Here


Report a Toxic Player


And feel free to insult


But no cursing



He is the most toxic player you will ever know



I could report a number of players…but where I am coming from, men are raised and they are thought that informants and snitches are the lowest form of vermin and are dealt with accordingly!


Nox you toxic peace of shit haha…




Its “Crni” Scipio, not “Crini”!


Hello, Comrades. Fash Basher here. Some people say I am toxic, because I am an antifascist activist, but if safeguarding vulnerable communities from the fascist creep is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I nominate The Asskicker for most toxic player, with his incessant threats of assault, including sexual assault. He has even used bigoted anti-gay slurs on here, dropping f** bombs left and right, yet he seems to be gay himself. A couple times I have even seen him threaten to sodomize his opponent’s “troops” if they refuse to “surrender.” Frankly, he should be banned, and there is a case to be made that it would not be wrong to bash that guy on sight.


If I become the most toxic player do I get a badge! I will wear it with pride…We should have the most toxic SW awards! Like, different nominations, “most toxic 2018”, “most toxic loser”, “most toxic winner”, “most toxic clansman”, “toxic rookie of the year”, “veteranus toxisimus” and so on…And maybe, just maybe we can create “THE TOXIC HALL OF FAME”!


How are you gona insult without cursing! Your Bible Belt christian values are TOOXXIICC!!!


I nominate this forumthread for “the most toxic thread” award!


I also nominate Stonewall who named himself after a supporter of slavery, and Rommel who named himself after a LITERAL NAZI for their problematic toxicity.


Oh fuck I did it under the wrong name shit oh well lol


Fuck. I already fucked this gag up damn it.


This forumthread is priceless! I feel ya’ll should thank me since I feel I kind of inspired this! Feel free to donate on patreon!


And chikacrni I fell insulted by you making fun of me religion


You have taken it too far


You said “Feel free to insult, but no cursing”, I did just that! First you encourage insulting then you come complaing…you are confusing to say the least in the signals you send out!


You’re still a piece of crap for insulting my religion