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I have to compliment you on the forum thread! And since Im at war with your gang, will you defend your gangs honor on the battlefield???


Iā€™m more of a forum person


Like your gangleader!


You wanna shut your mouth


You might get something done


I will defend my gangs honor but I have to go


He didnā€™t name himself after a nazi. He named himself after a masterful general. Although he could use his nickname ā€˜The Desert Foxā€™.


Frankly after all that has happened during the past 70 years around the world, I find any avatar related to the US armed forces toxic and offencive!




Interestingā€¦first they condemn insult of religionā€¦then he says ā€œmuslim shitā€ insultā€¦this gets better n better!


I never said you could insult religion


And you did it first


And itā€™s just rude to insult religion


And we did it cause you did it first


I am not a muslimā€¦so you idiots insulted millions of peopleā€™s religion that had nothing to do with me talking about yours! Now how dum is that?


You never said I couldnā€™t insult religionā€¦did u did u did u!?


What is your religion


And would you be insulted if a insulted yours


He is an atheist peace of crap


He is