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But please stop chikacrni


Comrades we are all workers here. Let us direct our angry energy towards capitalism and fash, not each other.




Actually I might stop for the good of the game


Why don’t you join a clan like asskickers


Because Asskicker is a bigot comrade


The Asskicker wasn’t even serious when he called out Stonewall and Rommel and then he sent me a pm calling me an “SJW”


What’s an she


Then would you like to join SOF that’s my clan


Well if you did not notice comrade…these two are firm supporters of the armed forces of the USA, the biggest capitalist private army, in service of the banks! So…comrade,…


Your men at arms are responcible for millions of children dead…like kids…and that only in the past 15 or so years! So no, no respect…


He is a Jew idiot,USA and Israel are closest allies


So now he insulted the jews…while expressing support for Israel! Actually we need all brothers, including jews to oppose Israel! So he is an admirable jew with his heart in the right place…


Then why did you come to America crini


I meant your an idiot


You make me laugh so, crini but you are to cocky


Actually comrade the biggest supporters of Israel, a state that by the way, that is commiting genocide by numerous reports made by the UN, and is qualifying according to the conditions set up by the UN for genocide, as a state that commits genocide…are the US evangelical christians from the bible belt!


What do you mean “come to America”?


Yes you always say you came to America as a boy


Why cannot you finish writing faster