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Please stop. This has nothing to do with samurai wars. It’s putting everyone in a bad mood. Lets face it. This topic was just an excuse to jump at each others throats.


Honestly. I hope Nikodil shuts this topic down. You’re insulting everyone.


Very well for my men’s sake I will stop


Don’t stop for me. Stop for the good of the game. I respect everyones beliefs, but I don’t see how it’s relevant to the game.


This man is insulting American soldiers that is very unrespectfull I wish myself to be a Marine


I went as a foreign exchange student at 16, actually to Bible Belt Georgia! I did not know better, actually as kids watching tv we were also brainwashed by american culture thinking its cool in the US! But after a year there, it was traumatising, trully…I went to a methodist and then a babtist church for a year, never had I before witnessed such mass psychosis!


Ok, but in future retrospect. Could you keep your patriotism and religious values off this forum. I don’t hav a problem with them, but they’re doing more good then bad.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my book.


All forms of patriotism will be mercilessly attacked :)! Shit I need to read more! I am reading “confederacy of dunces” a great american book, which you knuckleheads should read! Like Scipio is in dire need of reading that book!


Well crini why then didn’t you go to catholic or orthodox church they are the good churches not the fakers who left myself am a catholic for my parents but would rather be orthodox


I cannot really choose between the plague and cholera, its all desease to me…


I respect Khan…for him am stopping all inputs in this thread! He is trully a voice of reason…


In NZ the closest thing we hav 2 patriotism is beating the Australians at rugby (we take rugby very seriously).


NZ. aahhhh…that explains it! Its a country I dream of moving to…


Now I envy u badly


Very well No Mas I ask for peace now and to put our anger aside


Sure peace…but I take nothing back!


Maybe when my wife finnishes her medical studies we will migrate to NZ, or move there when er’re older…and spend our time hiking in the mountains! Yeaaaman that would be something


It rly is a beautiful country. I’m glad this all sorted out.


Im fortunate to have a good passport in this shitworld so I will definetly go there…closest Ive been is fiji…cool people…made many good friends! Freakin 50 hr travel one way it was!