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Wow. I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling. Mainly Europe but went to Thailand and Morocco too.


My cousin went to Australia and also to Thailand unfortunately I have only traveled around a lot of Mexico an three states in America


My good friend @Centurion1 haven’t seen you in a while


Same my good friend


hi centurion


You know him


Do you?


ye we hav played a couple times.


Who won


1-1. But then we played a 1v1v1 w someone else and I got flanked on both sides from both players.


Oh my god cent how long does it take you to write


This should be good.


Have you played athinean




3-0 favor me


Play him he is o


Want to battle


Can’t right now soz.




This is a funny thread. I agree and dis agree with all 1st religion is to each his own but myself as a practical thinker i think Christianity is the most reasonable as far as trying to keep a person on a clean track(mentally) atleast the new testament part but its all based on your own personal outlook on life if you look at the example of other men to deside the merits of the religion you will always be disappointed and fall into discouragement and catholics are to rank oriented priest confession etc. The only on that needs to know your sins is you and god. As far as are military we are the most powerful army and if my country was ever in (REAL) threat of invasion i would gladly strap on my combat boots on and face my enemy ready to die for the people/family i love but as far as joining to fight a war for the sake of politics using the vail of serving your country and protecting freedom no thanks im ashamed of the propaganda are country feeds are youth all they want is killers that believe there doing the right thing but in the end its all murder its just that are goverments gives you the permision to kill for them. Yet you are tried in court if you are a regular citizen and killed, even if you killed in self defence or for a worthy cause you are scrutinized but you kill for them and your a hero it dont make sense