Report a Toxic Player Here


You are no match for my toxicity!


I thought we said we would stop


Thats true :joy:


…and then I found the funny christian-mocking memes! Judaic religions are to toxic as fuck! I would like to report judaism, christianity and islam as extremely toxic…in that order!


What is your religion


Quit the game your terrible for the community and just a butt


Lol just a butt


This tread is funny asf


At least fog the ones with a little bit sence of humor!


I serve satan!


…and concider myself to be a Demigod! And the master says so aswell!



Crini cut the shit man


yes pls


The tenants of Satanism are in actuality far more egalitarian then most, if not all, other religions. I don’t know how that plays out in practice. Probably not very well since all religions have a level of hypocrisy.

It seems that you and I have a similar worldview, but you don’t need to be so abrasive in the way you express them. Most people don’t have your tolerance when it comes to dealing with insults, which is pretty ironic really. I’m sorry if I insult anyone, but religion has so much about forgiveness, tolerance, and blind faith imbued in it that I am surprised that you guys can take this to heart?? That’s why I became an atheists.





And here’s a little leaflet to read meanwhile: