Role Playing Constitution


Samurai Wars Role Playing Constitution

**This Constitution is for everyone to come together to make rules and regulations for Role Play. By doing this we can make our Samurai Wars Role Play fair and balanced.

This Constitution is based on having Rulesets and this constitution is amendable by the players.

In order to participate in SW roleplay, one must either join or create a Clan/Nation/Fraction.**


Rulesets cover certain aspects and explicitly state what rules your faction follows. Some rulesets might cover how you pick names (some could require historical names, some would prohibit it, and others would be neutral). Some rulesets would cover combat and warfare, some with brief rules and others with very advanced ones. One of the more important rulesets would state how to resolve disputes (would be kind of a meta-ruleset). Anyone is free to publish a new ruleset, giving it a name (and a version number in case of updates) and you can mix and match rulesets to taste. Here’s the thing: rulesets give you protection, because any interaction between two factions would require that they follow compatible rulesets. If faction X follows ruleset A, B, and C, and faction Y follows B, C, and D, then X is “immune” against the rules of D and Y against A. Any event that turns out to have conflicting ruleset is voided and never happened.
Essentially, Fractions/Nations/Clans should state what rules they abide to. That is what that Fractions Rulesets would be.

The SW RP Constitution

Section 1: Originality in Clan/Nation creation.

  1. You must definitely state your type of government in conjunction with who your people are and what your Nation is. You must look up some types of Governments, and find which ones suit your Nation.
  2. Your nation must be original and must not be something from a real world country or anything else that is obviously derived from reality…

Section 2: War

  1. To declare war upon another RP Nation, the nation’s leadership must be online for both parties to asses the situation and prepare for war. The leadership on both sides must be online for the war to officially commence.
  2. In the case of defeat you and your nation must accept it. Your Nation will not be erased nor will it be excommunicated, the victor simply get bragging rights limited to his Forum page and SW chat servers.
  3. All official matches played between Nations must be watched by a third party or must be documented by taking a snapshot.
  4. During a match, should there be any form of glitch or bug, the player must state so immediately in-game. Both players will be required to rematch.
  5. In the case that a member of your country attempts to start a war, the leader may disown that player or accept war.
  6. You may not declare that your Nation has conquered another nation without an official fight.
  7. Should a Nation declare war, the opposite side can accept it.
  8. When war is declared, the leaders chose the participants to represent their nation. Each leader assigns his participants to one or more provinces reasonably.
  9. In order to conquer or defend a province, three battles must be won within that province.
  10. A peace treaty or a Non-aggression Pact may be discussed at all times and both sides must agree to the terms for it to be instituted.

Section 3: Nation composition

  1. Your nation is divided into provinces with reasonable sizes. The maximum amount of provinces is 10 and the number of Provinces should be proportional to the amount of Members.
  2. Puppet nations allowed

Section 4: Misc. / Custom Amendments

Please remember that this Constitution is amendable. U must suggest rules or regulations to be added so that this constitution may be complete.


A bit taste of bias but I like it


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That’s what this RP constitution is for… It’s for everyone to come together and to make rules and regulations. That way the RP is fair and balanced.
I would love some input on the rules that u disapprove of so we can make these rules as perfect as can be.



Are puppets allowed


I like the freedom given to the creators of the ‘rule sets’ you mentioned. I can’t even really come up with any potential problems with this, except possibly the abuse of the glitch report system, with a few sore losers who see defeat incoming. Perhaps a limit (X glitch claims per Y amt. of time) to the claims? Regardless, I believe this will become the definitive version of the RP rule lists. Good job, keep it up.


Sure. We need all of ur suggestions and ideas to make this complete!
I will add puppet nations to it.



Sure, u have a suggestion for the limit?
I would say 1 glitch call per day…


Let’s say I have 10 islands that I call provinces can I have counties or semi provinces in those provinces


It is up to you. It depends whether you have a map or not.