Samurai Wars God or Tactical Route?


I had just recently played a one on one and the scenario went like this:

I had advanced the hill and surrounded his forces. My militia riflemen set on a tall hill to his left flank and his archers were set to defend with some spear men. Then he fired upon my Samurai and I advance with them to lure the spear men into the range of fire and push back the archer’s range. But the spearmen route and the other militia units follow suit… then the whole army starts routing!


Good job man!, also beta?


Very interesting. Being surrounded must lower the moral of the army. I’ve never experienced something quite like this, but I have seen chain reaction routes before.


Yep! It sure is.


AMAZING! Did he leave the game or was it actually a chain rout?


doest exist guy probly left but if this is true nox i think would know his style is wide and surrounds enemy


No, it was a whole retreat but not simultaneously like when you leave.