Screen shot of the best player u played


Leave a screen shot of a player worthy of recognition and the reason why such as taction-meaning has control over micro movements and sets his units purposely and effectivly give a rating such as 50% meaning average good player 100% if u havent beat them at all.


Shout out to Luke he is the toughest I’ve ever faced

@Strea one of the best I’ve ever had the privilege to battle
@Thruzan can’t say I like him as an individual But shout out for getting the tournament together back in April FYI his record proves his talent in SW
@KSE damn it gotta give it to him he won the tournament … on points but still very tough
@420fied tough gritty and experienced … his name is legit :eye:

I’m sure there are more but at this moment I am pretty high and drunk
Samurai Wars is LAW!!


@420fied is my hero.