Server Maintenance


I will do some server maintenance today, and I might need to restart the lobby and matches in progress.


OK, servers have been updated and restarted. Please report here if they don’t seem to behave as usual.


i cant play a game with my profile image i click on a square in loby and it quickly flashes a different pattern then doesn’t select anything


Is this a new problem, or did it also happen before the server restart?


this is a new problem, after the update


i see people playing on plain letter profile, so if its not just mine it must be image profiles


Does it work of you log out and try play as “Player”?
I just tested playing as Player against myself on by iPhone vs my Android shield device, and that worked fine. Have you tried restarting the app? Anyone else having this problem and can give some clues?


yes it works perfect off my profile i restarted it but doest work with profile I’ve even been on a green in lobby ready to play and i log in and it kicks me off and does what it keeps doing. 1st i click on a match it brings up big box to join 2. i click join sometimes flashes random patterns for a flash second and it kickes me off to lobby, but i can play practice while on profile


i just seen another player it must just be mine


You could try reinstall the app


ok i did doesnt work still, i can ply on player though


Hi hay Felix I made a YouTube channel for the game it’s called ScIpio the great H. s


Ok, I see, thanks for testing and reporting. I’m working on a redesigned sign on process that will properly fix all these weird glitches. Top priority for next update.


ok thats cool thanks


I’ve found and fixed a memory related bug that might have been the cause of this problem. Try again and let me know if it’s still there.


thanks just tried it and it worked perfect thanks