Sign up for beta here


Android: Join the beta testing here:
iOS: Reply in this topic, and I’ll manually register you in iTunes TestFlight, and then you get an e-mail with instructions install instructions.


Thanks Felix! I am seeing efficient and hard work from you, which is always good.


I will try it out I like the game it has a lot of potential


Nice work. I’m ready for the new version. Thank you, Walter.


There are apparently some networking bugs remaining in this build (160104.2025). Note that you can easily switch back and forth between beta and the old version by reinstalling it from the App Store and TestFlight respectively. Feedback and bug reports are much appreciated.


Thanks Felix! Will participate in the beta.


i would like to test the ios beta.


Hi I would like to test out the beta


Hi i would to join the beta


Hi please sign me up!!!


So do i need to reapply for the updated beta or what? Because i already got the beta on my phone. Just wondering if i do.(if so i am applying now xD)


No need to reapply, once a new build is available you’ll get notified in TestFlight.


It feels more solid I wasn’t having any issues with the netcode but I could still use some kind of tutorial or difficulty scale to learn with


That’s great to hear. Networking is very dependent on the quality of your (and others) connection, so these glitches only occur under the right conditions (or rather - wrong conditions). This is what makes it so “interesting” to test and debug.

There’s this post on tactics: Samurai Wars Tactics
If you have any specific game play questions, just ask.


I would love to participate in the beta!


Hi please sign me up


Please enroll me in the beta


Okay thanks. Love the game and has been working well. A good sugestion is, during the practice mode if you could position your troops before the waves start coming. Its a really good game thought and cant wait to keep testing


Sign me up, this game is crazy good!


This game is way too good! Please sign me up!