Sign up for beta here


Heyyy I like this game


Hi i would like to try the beta


Hey man can you sign me up for beta IOS ?


Sign me up for beta ._.


So, I signed up for The beta but I didn’t received amy invite or thing like that. So how it works


I’ve now generated a new invite. Check your email inbox (and your spam folder etc), and let me know if you don’t get the invite message.


H,i May I play?


Hi please sign me up


Ok cool i cant wAit


Thank you !


Pleas, sign me up in beta on ios. I try to ask invite before, but dont received. It’s one game on my ipad))
Many thx!


Hi I’d like to join the beta


Can I have beta plsssssss


Lemme get in on dis


G’day I would love to sign up for the beta I really love this game and your work and I wish you good luck in the future


Hi I would like to sign up plz
Also plz check my topic


Hi I really want beta


Hello :slight_smile: can I have the beta?


I want beta a lot.


Can I have beta too?