Sign up for beta here


Hi can I join


Can I join beta please?


This is Frost signing up for Beta


Hi, nice game


hi can’t wait to try new beta


I am interested in being a part of the beta test.




Hello, I’m whiteeagle and I would like to see what is beta, and if it’s better. And if I sign up to beta can I revert back to stable?


hi, there what’s the difference between beta and… normal?


Yes, it’s easy to swap back and forth between beta and release version.


Beta is ongoing, and beta builds will contain new features (currently map editor).


hi here to sign up my dud


Hi pls gimme beta


Did I loose my chance to join the beta testing?


No… You will be permitted to test the beta. May I ask what device you are using?
If you use iOS, then you need to download TestFlight from the app store. From there you will be able to test the beta through a simple click to install it.
If you use Android, then you need to sign up on the beta here… Then you will have a short wait to receive the OK. Then you will be able to get the beta through the Play store in the apps tab.
Make sure your provided E-mail is the same as the one you use for the Google Play store or iOS app store.



Hi apparently u need a minimum of ten letters


What’s the redeem at test flight


Hi, please sign me up :slight_smile:


Hi sorry I’m a bit late could you sign me up for beta


It’s never too late… Hehe