Sign up for beta here


Hi. I would like to join.


Beta iOS please


Sign me up for beta please


@Derek_Voss OK, genereted new invite for you


Hi could I would like to download the beta app please


@nikodil I would like to join

How do you Play a custom map

I would like to join


How do I get early accede


Can I have early access


@FIGHTING_PEACOCK_142 You managed to install the beta, right? Read more about Early Access here:


Hi o want this beta please


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Can I get my early access badge please. Iā€™m a patron and I have beta


Hello iā€™m Bunbee I love this game can I sign up for the beta?


I would like to give other players a chance to play on creative maps that they may not be able to play on themselves


Hi I would love to join the beta!


Add me please. Love this game, nothing else like it on the App Store.


Can I have Beta

I asked for beta almost two month ago

Can I please have beta I have waited a while


I would like to have beta