Sign up for beta here


can I have beta please :slight_smile:


Hi , I think I’d like to join the fun :slight_smile:


Signing up please


May I sign up?


Hiiiiiiiii …


Hello I’m a duck


OOh beta I like beta


Quick note: I expect to do a new beta build in one or two weeks (slightly delayed because the command bar needed a rewrite of the internal object/event model, which needed a rewrite of the threading system, which needed a rewrite of the model-view-comtroller architecture, which needed a rewrite of …, long story short it was more work than expected, but it’s almost up and working again).

I will make an announcement and add all who signed up here to TestFlight as soon as the beta is available.


Oh, well good thing ive alredy signed up for beta testing !


Hi beta would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to join beta please


Hi would like to join beta


I had the beta but I don’t see it in test flight so can you re add me


Hi I really like this game and I hope I can sign up for the beta


Hi I am a Bishop, So Omoto clan for me then huh.


I hello
Love puppy dogs


I don’t get any mails :l signing up again, also try this mail instead: xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Just two or three more bugs to fix, then it’s beta time.


Alright…sounds good.


Cant wait thank bro