Sign up for beta here


Ey, sign me up for beta


Sign me up for beta


I believe you only get a new mail when a new version gets released ;3


Cani have beta


Hey I wanna try out the beta


Sign me up for beta please


@KSE ok, signed you up, you should be getting an email with instructions shorty.


I’ve also just added all who signed up since the last beta. If anyone hasn’t got the invite mail, just let me know.


Hello, yes, inwould like the beta since im loving the game at the moment and would like to go deeper.


Hi I want to sign up for beta please how doesn’t it work is there any good things about it that I should know and also does this have any costs


Beta is completely free and you can try out new features and improvements (in the current build: the command bar, editor undo/redo etc.)

For getting early access to premium services for hosting custom online matches, you need to sign up on Patreon:

Sign up for iOS by replying to this topic.
Sign up for the Android beta here:


Sign me up! I freakin love this game!


SIgn me up please


Can I sigh up please don’t what’s the difference please tell me thx


Dont know I mean


The movement is different because u have a “command bar” which is like a control for ur armies


Can I sign up for it. What do I have to do to access the beta


If you’re on iOS you need to install TestFlight and then install the beta version of the game from there.

On Android you sign up for the beta here:


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