Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


Or should we name houses after GOT houses ?




Here is the map


I am of House Tiamat. The house of he chromatic dragon (got it from my dnd campaign).


Oh ok cool I might make a map also not sure what should my house be Martel or Wellborn


Also I nead you to get yourself a banner




I’m quitting this game for a while , can’t do anything to lagg , if I mention it I get accused of “not accepting others winning”. Nope , not today , not now , goodbye


Fuck you up when come back!


Hope you return fast


Hey been busy how’s the game


Good hey where is the map


Haven’t worked on it


Like I said been busy


I feel bad cause I haven’t worked on it


All good.


Texas I disband your house I am sorry you dont play enough so you can join Mroz,Wellborn, or booms house while you start playing again and we get more players


Hey what house are you gonna belong to mine or Rommel’s?


Jason Welbourn will get ko’d the fuck out by Jarett Hurd…


Who is Jason Wellborn?