Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


Go to Mroz recruitment center


The king of the…my appologies…THE EMPEROR of the clan nerds on all day and all night, but not once on the battlefield! Still waiting…


House of Wellborn must be some backyard treehouse…


But hey…you do have one soldier…Burak of NY…whatever the hell he’s doing in ur SOF! Doesnt turn down battles…thats why he has surpassed the rest of your lame asses!


bro some people won’t battle you because they don’t have time to! Some of us don’t spend as much time on this game as u do. Not every time is a good time!


I have been in the desert all day I forgot to close as


Dont have time to?? I gotta start screening ur asses again…Scipio why dont you tell your boy here how long the last battle took…honestly! Because if you even say six minutes ud be lying ur ass off…Same goes for Rommel or Mroz or whatever…same goes for you! Stop being full of shit…Even Burak…one battle out of twenty became long…Ask Burak about our latest three! There’s one reason ya’ll dont battle…ya’ll are mortadellas!


I haven’t played you in weeks lol what do you mean six minutes


Exept for Burak…he takes his losses like a warrior…well exept once, but…he learning and improving, unlike the rest of you…Zao too…he didnt bitch neither n took every battle…Ya’ll should be ashamed to call urself warriors


You lost every battle against Zhao even when I have beat you you run with your last cav unit or archers you run like the bitch you are if this were real life I would have had your head a long time ago we would outnumbere you and destroy you you know why cuz when some one hears the word crni they cringe and say how much they hate you for a coward no one would fight by your side they all hate you so go to hell and get off my forum page


You cant beat me…dont hide behind Zao…and call other lil bitch, that shamefull! You are acting like u are this big clan leader, yet you’re scared to set a foot in my world…and bragging about others victories! Yea Zao is damn good…you…SUCK SHIT! Prove me wrong…little bitch!


And ontop of that you’re a keyboard warrior now…talking “real life”! In real life you are mamas little boy who gets grounded! So dont come with “real life”! Can you believe this guy…


Yo calm down. how old r u?, 4? 5? It’s just a game!


Stfu…acting all “mature voice of reason”, bullshitter like the rest…


Am I? Think of it.


Give me examples. I pride myself on remaining civil on this page!


U are a civil bullshitter


Thats not a virtue…being real and not civil would be!


Look who talks a piece of shit no better than a bitch your worse than a gag a coward any real man would be ashamed to be called a coward but you ware it like a badge of honor your a coward and no better than shit so go finger your pussy coward,why would I ever even march against a man who flees when he is loosing not flees that’s to good for you you fly like the bitch you are.all you ever do is call people out to battle you if you see the battle going against you,you just fly like no one has ever seen of all the players of this game not one likes you you will go through SW history as the man who flees from the enemies army with half his force as the man with not one ally the man called coward


:slightly_smiling_face: Thats the leader of the mamas boy clan talking: “bitch, finger pussy, gag…bitch…bla bla”! Where are you now Khan…the voice of reason…the civil mature…THE REAL! Thats what you are part of…lol