Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


Hi I’m horselordes cousin he got me into the game a week ago


Wat up wat up, i look foward to beating a real bloodline to scipio lol jk have fun dont get discouraged if you lose a bit its a hard game to play


I know and thx for the welcome he has told me a lot about you


I foresee the downfall of the SOF coming soon…built on no solid foundation, no principles and no standards, destined to fail! In the end what will remain is only a few weak players!


You talk to mutch mister No Mas


Mr No Mas talks the truth!


There we go! A little fighting is always fun…:cold_face:


Ya but not when the guy won’t leave your recruiting page alone


Fun is…subjective


Plz just get off the page plz


Hi how can I join?




Hello Chikacrni.Friend




First he was like:

The he’s like:






This isn’t your ‘report a toxic player here’ page. This is our recruiting page. If you won’t stop then leave.


I just want you to leave my recruiting page and let’s just call the toxicity off no one can beat you at that and it’s getting anoying


I will have a player see how good you are so I can rank you in the meantime add [SOF] infront of your name