Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


Hello do you want to join or


Can I have a chance to join this clan?


Sure just add SOF to your name


Man we’re growing! How many registered members do we hav now?


Many join but very few stay active


I can only change my full name, how do I change my username


Username is good it stays how u left it


Change your full name and address SOF like this [SOF]


TEKBIR!!!Thank god for his blessings upon us making us larger


Greetings Sons of The Fallen. I wish to join your ranks, and believe I could be if use to your army. I have had leadership experience in other games such as MooMoo where I have led up to 20 people against 20 others. So how do I join your ranks?


Awesome! Just add SOF in front of your name and stay active!


:neutral_face: I don’t know


I’ve tried to stay active


Moo Moo thats a good game


It is.


As Boom saide just add [SOF] infront of your name and be active also if you see one of the SOF players ask for a match so I can rank you


Ok, how can I change my pfp? Also in yeah MooMoo is a good game. If you are involved in the community you may know me as one of the 3 leaders of DELOS the most powerful clan in MooMoo.


One more thing do you guys have a discord? If not I think that it could be useful discissor strategies, and that way only fully fledged members can see your conversations.


we do, I don’t hav discord tho. Someone else can give u the link.


Anyone online who wants to 1v1?