Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


Ya go to to change it though


Horse lord would you be willing to 1v1 me?


Or anyone…


Do you guys play on phone or comp btw?






Wrong place to ask for a 1 vs 1 the SOF recruitment thread! Notice how nobody answered, but when u asked the question about phone or comp you imidiately got two answers!


Aren’t you that guy that was asked to leave? Also where would I do a 1v1 then.


Lol crni will have u chasing him if u manage to kill his infantry but he’s right about asking to battle this clan is mainly active on forum not so much on the battlefield not to criticize them but it’s true




I can’t battle till tomorrow


Not all of us have all the time in the world plus most of this clan goes to school and the clan can’t depend on only me


Ye same here, sorry I can’t be on more often


Lol i have a job and still manage to play i sometimes work 10 13 hr days so thats no excuse


Is that a phone [quote=“Remmy1406, post:302, topic:13166, full:true”]
Ok, how can I change my pfp? Also in yeah MooMoo is a good game. If you are involved in the community you may know me as one of the 3 leaders of DELOS the most powerful clan in MooMoo.

Is that a phone game?


Not everyone wants to be playing like you iether just because your addicted doesn’t mean everyone haste to be


Enough said why start all this clan shit if your not a consistant player but wht ever. Your addicted but not to the battlefield aspect but to the forum part you chat about as much as i play of the game if you played as much as u chated you’d be worthy of a clan leader


You left for 3 months and say I play to little lol your funny


What’s Moo Moo is that Moo Moo i.o