Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


Lol u are king of the forum i am king of the battlefield otherwise you do the talking i do the walking




Hailthe slayer is the clan cheerleader he stands no chance in the battlfield


Yes I am


But You have Ego You Don’t stand a chance in the field of Diplomacy and politics


People like you are Cancer


People like you like to Make people hurt


People like you are the reason the world is so sensitive and some people get depressed over meaningless things if your that sensitive don’t engage in heated arguments keep to yourself and only be positive and positive things will follow


You guys Like to make Heated Arguments and only Negativity follows You


I engage cause i can handle the feedback and i can comprehend this forum stuff is just a game and isn’t ment to be taken seriously though things get heated its warfare and blod boils in warfare but not to be taken seriously it affect your real life


Take it the battle field!


This dispute must be settled in blood.






Cool to see someone live in my region


R U australian or nz?




Cool. Are you in a clan?


He is in ours lol one of my men from RMG