Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


But I’m working rn


Np arent you in school


Not today , teacher work day


I’m embarased to lose how I lost to you , I was trying to execute things that I normally could do , I just couldn’t do it


So I changed my formation to counter act issue of my line being stretched out


I hav bad micro as well. That’s how I got flanked so well. Wanna train 2gether?
Ps: When r we doing a whole clan training sesh. 2morrow?


if I catch you online we can train


I figured out my micro problem…


It’s my enternet


Yep , it’s definitely my enternet


How do u change a username


anyone want a game/training


ay bois its me i’m finally back after my wonder-week of inactivity


i was grounded so i wasnt allowed 2 play on my pc, or phone


in fact i shouldnt be on right now. hey, boom407, do you want a game? i heard you beat centurion


I think im gonna disapeer for a while




Im grounded for a whole week so I won’t be playing


zhao yun is now 01, for some reason he is going incognito


I’m sorry to hear that