Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


There will be two houses after mine ok


Guys only one house left @Zhao_Yun hay do you want it you saide you sort o f wanted your own clan


Random SOF member in the lobby pretending he wants to battle…hehehe


Oh that’s my other account I forgot to take it off lol


I’m staying in this clan. Also I’ll be in your house


OK very well my good friend


What should we call our house I was thinking the House of Wellborn


Or house of born early


Ho ho my good friend centurion


Our house will be called Martel


I would like my own house please


What shall we call it


Did you know that less and less people are owning their houses today! Generally around the world! World is going to shit!


The worldwide housing crisis


Man dont be annoying you know I mean clan houses like say I am from the house of stark or Wellborn


What house do you want to be part of


I think I will make my own.
Not sure of a name tho.


You should probably join one first there are already 3 and we don’t have many players


Which ones r there?


You annoyed!?