Sons of the Fallen [SOF] (Recruting)


I think I might make my own house. House Tiamat, perhaps.


The house of the chromatic dragon.




Oh I’m cool what should my name be James Wellborn or Charles Martel


It’s Martell, with 2 L’s.


Ya I was in a hurry lol


I would like to have my house to be named germania


OK but that’s not a name like a last name and you haft to make it on forum


Ok then name it the Wilhelm house


Does it need 2 be a GOT house?


Whats a got house


Whats GOT


Btw Martel has one L only lol


Game Of Thrones



Oh no just make up a name or get it off some medievel last name btw how goes the map @R.M.GTexas_Toast_18


Whats this ?


House Martell is a house from game of thrones. Thought you meant that house. Still waiting 4 @R.M.GTexas_Toast_18 to finish it. Though I jumped ahead and finished it. Can just scratch that and use Texas’ version tho.


I ment martel of of Charles Martel


Ok let me see your map