Story line by line


In a world where America wasn’t founded yet.


There was a boy living in a box.


The son of a centurion


Who was destined to create a powerful empire


The boy, son of a centurion, awakes in the ashes of Mount Vesuvius, in the remains of the once thriving city of Pompeii.


Completely aware of his surroundings. He tries to find any survivors.


America was founded way before the white trash came there from Europe…and yea…one more thing, “America” is a continent, not a country!


Little did he know that no one else had survived and only the boy, son of centurion, had lived due to the protection of his cardboard box, quite an advanced material for that time and not made in America.


*two continents


all alone the one and only survivor feared to exit the safety of his cardboard box…


Eventually the boy got hungry and smelled the scent of burnt meat outside amidst the ash.


If only it were as easy to rub the belly for hunger as it is to masturbate

He thought …


For during the days he had spent in the box there was little else to do.


…even that!


He found a strange stick with a metal pipe on top
From the pipe he smelled sulfur and ash.
Below he found a tiny piece of flimsy metal
Thinking it was a war horn, he put the tube next to his ear and pulled the metal piece…




And hes dead


Ah crap


Didnt realise the line by line part