Suggestions for Controls


In my opinion the issue that plagues this game is the controls - not the graphics; I don’t think it was ever supposed to look as good as say Call Of Duty 5.

The controls could really be improved and this would make the ge much ore satisfying to play. I suggest several improvements below, each in its own paragraph.

Moving the terrain.
This seems to happen a lot by accident. Perhaps eliminate the moving of the map with one finger. This might prevent the map spinning all over the place.

Terrain elevation.
It’s hard to see the lie of the land. Perhaps you could use tilt sensors to change the elevation?

More zoom would allow more precise control on smaller screens.

Moving a unit
Dragging a path is great. Making the troops face the right way is terrible! Perhaps you could tap a unit to select it, which would bring up a display of additional controls: left and right or a target reticle. Or, when troops are “clearly” selected perhaps they could have pan and turn handles to get them quickly aligned and oriented.

Making troops fire
A target reticle would allow the clear selection of which troops to follow and the direction they face could dictate which ground to cover. For newbies it’d be great if the game gave some clues like “not yet in range” or “not in sight” if they are behind a hill.

Layout of controls in lobby screen is also quite terrible on a small screen - they overlap!

Perhaps an initial menu could be created: tutorial, single player practice, online multiplayer.


I agree, perhaps with the screen spinning problem, perhaps their should be a “settings” where you can adjust the sensitivity of the spin, like in call of duty.

And with the zooming thing, just a little thought but you know the star horsemen, well it would be cool if you could view the landscape from their point of view as you technically are the general, this could also introduce new tactics of protecting them and maneuvering them, which may make the gameplay more enticing. Just a thought.


I don’t even know how to make change the direction my troops are facing.


There needs to be a way to select more than one unit at a time


I’ve adjusted the camera gesture in the beta in order to reduce the screen spinning problem. I did some experiments with requiring two fingers for camera movements, but that didn’t feel right, so I don’t know. I think the current setup could be make to work by fixing the cases where it feels wrong (improving tilt and fixing the spinning) and adding some kind of adaptive zoom for smaller screens. Multi-unit selections will be a requirement for custom unit selection.