SW Tournament - April 2017


##Welcome to the SW Tournament.
[Starts on the 1st of April 2017 at GMT 00:00]
[Ends on the 24th of April 2017 at GMT 24:00]
Sign up is closed
(Two days have been added to accommodate for login bug)
This tournament will take place over a 3 weeks period. In order for everyone to fairly and actively participate, this time frame has been given. You may sign up using the given link above. You will be required to add “[T]” to the beginning of your in-game name during the 3 week period to identify that you are a tournament participant.
You are recommended to have Discord so that there will be an ease of matchmaking. You can join our Discord server here. https://discord.gg/GqTucuM

Each and every match is to be recorded in this forum topic by means of a screenshot. A total of 2 matches will be played between each contestant.
If a match surpasses a time of 40 minutes

  1. with evenly balanced armies (each able to defeat the other) for each contestant, the match will be considered a draw.
  2. with unbalanced armies (one is unable to reasonably defeat the other with remaining units) the match will be considered a victory for the player with the stronger army.
  3. if a player has all units intact (alive) by the end of a match they automatically win, even should it be considered reasonably balanced.

This tournament is based on a point system. The winner will be the participant who accumulates the most amount of points during the 3 week period. You accumulate points by defeating other tournament participants and posting a screenshot. Points will be added accordingly.
• 3 points per win
• 2 points per draw
• 1 point per loss

Must have the “[T]” at the beginning of both participant’s names for the match to be valid.
•Abide by the point system.
•Post screenshots as confirmation of victories (or the defeated opponent may honorably state defeat should screenshots not have been taken).
•Matches last for 40 minutes.
•Overtime matches are judged by given standards.
Custom Maps and Matches are not allowed.
Use tournament Maps only

Concerning Maps, all participants will be given the tournament badge. This has been made possible through the latest update. This will permit the participants to host one of three tournament maps. To host a tournament map look below…
First tap on the play button, then on the tournament button. You will then have a match hosted, invite the participant you will be facing against.
Otherwise you will be punished.

Bragging rights :wink:
Special Discord “Tournament Champion” Tag
Special Forum “Tournament Champion 04/2017” Tag
Early Access

Your name will be added below once you are a confirmed participant.

There are currently 27 players participating. The maximum points achievable with the current count of players is 154.

Problem with latest version
Plz join the sw tournament
The Mercenary Army

Sounds great! I would like to join.


I have already applied


I have apliied


Yay, I finally have a forum account. :slight_smile:
I have signed up as well.


So you can only battle each opponent twice?


Yes, you battle each opponent twice.



We would need a scribe to write down what happens during each match , take screenshots and do a general sumary of how the match goes through, so that we could archive this and show it to the new players when discussing strategy and tactics.


Seems I found just the right guy… :wink:





Will join but not bd vers accessible the frits week or April


I’ve signed up for it.


Ok I’m in, 1v1’ll get me out of my comfort zone. Let the games begin FOOLS!!!
I won’t be using discord. Just see me on the battlefield. Honour is a must in this Tournament. If you lose YOU LOSE. I’m sure I’ll lose a few. Good luck all. Let the best player win.


All hail the return of Jezzadajesta! Seems this shall be indeed interesting. :wink:



Just a reminder everyone… The tournament starts on the 1st of April 2017 at GMT 00:00! That’s in two days!



I’ve signed up!! Can’t wait


Hello Generals!
This is a notice that there is 24 hours until the tournament shall commence. April 1st at 00:00 GMT is the start of a 3 week long tournament. You will find and battle all participants twice at your own pace during this period of time. Remember that the winner will hold the most amount of points. The winner of this tournament will receive Early Access!
Don’t forget to add “[T]” to the beginning of your in-game name during the 3 week period to identify that you are a tournament participant. Also remember to take a screenshot of your victories as proof and post it on the tournament page.

Thank you for your participation,
The following participants are confirmed to have a Forum account.

All others who applied need to create a forum account and respond below. The following names need to CREATE A FORUM ACCOUNT and respond below.


How do I change my name? @Thruzan



I will devote some time to this.