SW Tournament - April 2017


I am The Bloody Blue Rose. And i have come to take my crown.


I have nonidead why i don’t have the option of tourment or make maps


Wrong place


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I can’t wait! :smile:


Everyone… Please remember to add the [T] to your name! This is how we will identify Tournament participants.



Ready and steady mate.


Please note everyone… The Tournament badge has been given to all participants who have a forum account. For those that don’t have a forum account need to make one. This permits you to host a tournament match like shown above in the main post.
The following now have the tournament badge


When will I be able to obtain said badge ?


You have it now. Everyone has been given the badge.



@Thruzan how do I add friends on discord???


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You just go to friends and tap on add friends.

Then you enter Thruzan#5738 to send me a friend request. Otherwise just tap on the given SW server link. https://discord.gg/GqTucuM



Is this considered bribing u ???:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::grin::grin:


That’s where you type my username#1234…
Type Thruzan#5738

That link I gave is the link to join the server, not to friend me. To join the server tap on the link.


The link isdnt working for me it won’t get into my discord


I’m not sure if I did the signing in 100% correctly but I got it filled out and submitted


You have been added @Renslen13



Just to clerify do we just need to add a T to the beginning of are username. Example “TRenslen13”


No, it would be [T] Renslen13