SW Tournament - April 2017


Thruzan you said on the maps above, that’s players may choose on e of three tournamnet maps.


There are three maps permitted for tournament. They are accessed by hosting a tournament match which you do by tapping on the “play” button then “tournament” button.
Btw I filmed that match :joy:






From now on I don’t want to see another non-tournament map otherwise it will be considered void. Use the tournament button to host the map.



Fair enough :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:


Add me to tournament t


Hey @Apache, please add the [T] to the front of your name and read all of the rules.



Added T, read rules, joined discord,receivedd tourney badge. Thanks t Good luck everybody






You should repost this every few games so the stroll up isn’t as bad or make a topic for it :+1: The point system


Won Against Uvo


No one wants to fight me…


This was my 1st match against king cav … he left and his screen name went blank hope he can confirm my first victory against him


There’s no need to tell me how to do my job… :smile:
Settle such disputes between yourselves and be fair about it. Don’t spam this beloved SW Tournament page with such arguments. @123 @Nox @KingofCavalry
If you both come to the conclusion to have a rematch then do so. Say the match is buggy or there is massive lag to the point where gameplay is hindered, say so. Also take pictures as proof so there is no dispute.
If you happen to be found twisting knowledge through supposed “proof” and you are lying to gain an advantage… You will be punished.



Wow @Thruzan

You ask us not to tell you how to do your “job” but then ask us to figure out our “dispute” that’s the reason we messaged you to decide :joy:

Proof is taking a screenshot not my fault the name went blank that was the problem and he admitted to playing against me so…?

And "spamming " how exactly ??

Btw I was just letting you know if you posted the point system in another topic players wouldn’t need to scroll up a whole page to see it