SW Tournament - April 2017


@Nox @KingofCavalry
What I mean by “figure out your​ dispute” is that I don’t know what happened. I can only go by what you both tell me. If his game happened to crash, he can tell you and you both can decide whether to rematch or not. All I can say is “Be fair and respectful to your Opponent”.
Great idea :smile: I’ll put the results in a special topic and pin it.
By spamming, I don’t want you two arguing here. You can do that in Discord. :wink:



We weren’t arguing or spamming on this thread?


"Twisting knowledge " "Punishment "??? :laughing: @Thruzan



Yay! I can finally join!


Bouhouhouhou… I cannot plan the tournament anymore as my profile appear sas player… Hugely frustrating !


Ur not the only one with this issue dude, the update should be out today or tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


Update plz come soon



I win! :laughing:


Win #2!


Win #3!


Due to both players arriving at the 40 mark undecided and both players at the time were able to reasonably defeat each other… the match is considered a draw.



^Please note that this match ended overtime by +8 minutes. 40 minutes​ is the match time limit therefore, the match was declared a draw.

Wow @Thruzan. 8min is nothing you taking sides

Please don’t mess with my post add your own next time thanks @Thruzan


None of us agreed to that rule after we passed the 40min mark
By a few minutes

You should of let us decide if we wanted to continue or call it a draw but you didn’t and we finished our match and kse clearly lost



Please note @Nox
By signing up for this Tournament you agree to abide by the given Tournament rules, therefore you will he held to standard. Also please note the three determining factors apply to all matches that come to the 40 minute point. These determining factors are to clarify what happens when the 40 minute time limit has arrived. In your case, the match is a draw due to this.
There is no more reason to discussing ​this matter as we have extensively​ exhausted the topic in the Discord server.



Deathbinger… You need to add the [T] in your name.