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The purpose of a battle can be fought with many intentions but always amounts to a victory or loss. If you have a formation you use consistantly form to it quickly

when formed move your army up closer in unison(Multiple movement feature) to the enemy pressuring the enemy to form or die but hault your army a safe distance from your enemy if your unsure where to attack, observe your enemy and his skill if he forms quick with range in the front and takes the highground he is likely an expert or elite in this case if you are unskilled this will be a great exercise though you may lose see how much units you can kill either way observe the army and turrain if he is unskilled you can gather a few range units and guards and triple team each range taking out each 1 by 1 trying to find multiple turrain points to fire from

?.FRONT LINE-the frontline can be anywhere its the point where you have the bulk of your units but its best to keep the frontline where you can fire on the enemy

but can also back out of enemy firing range if in a bind or units start to route. Keep a clean formation by maintaing an imaginary front line the front line should always be put at the highest point of the turrain such as a hill or mound the ledege of peaks or at the end of a flat turrain, never place your mainline in a hole or a dip in the turrain unless there is a stratigic point. A frontline can be in multiple points in multiple directions a strong front line is built with range firing at all times or setting a safe perimeter for skirmishers

?.FORMATION- all formations should all consist of formatons lead by range units. range units break down the enemy moral and soften infantry if your enemy makes the fatal mistake of placing infantry in the frontline insted of there range you can simply shoot down there infantry. The archers are superior to the guns in moral and the distance which they can shoot but guns are stronger in the damage they cause and if used correctly can route units quick, horses can out run arrows but cant out run guns they will cause damage even if horses are in stride . what ever your formation, be sure to keep in mind protection for your range units, each range unit should have atleast 1 infantry unit dedicated as a guard to that range and be sure to keep the guard close to act quick in the defence of your range unit should the enemy attack move them together using the multiple movement feature. Formations are only effective if you can manuaver quickly using the Multiple Movement Feature and having a good understanding of the turrain.

                                                THE CHARGE 

There are multiple charges i will start out by expaining the basics and the multiple ways and styles starting with

ALLOUT CHARGE- this charge is a determined charge (step 1).stacking your units in a tight formation (1.2)range and cav infront then (1.3) using multiple movement feature to attack in unison. This can be a full head on charge but not recommended if you seek victory but makes a fun game, you charge directly at your enemy keep your range and cav in front (step 2) once your range units are in firing range (2.1) hault1 a little further down hault another till there all haulted keep them STAGGERD to not allow the enemy to focus on a single point to fire on, this also allows your infantry to catch up while also firing on the enemy (step 3) your cav at this point would be hitting and running on enemy range, dont give your enemy a second to breath attck (3.1) use cav in rotations if enemy range is closely guarded, the point is to keep enemy range unsettled and unballenced run threw enemy range not nessearily locking on them but running your cav along the surface of the range causing some damage as all this is happining (step 4) your infantry is moving in, all these tactics also allow your infantry cover as your there moving in (4.1)if you see the enemy routing before your infantry gets there you can send your infantry in a slight loop alowing more time till you fully engage infantry (4.2)send your weakest infantry units to move and cycle threw infantry or locking on to a stragler enemy or exposed range this light attack will act as another skermisher to cause further routing and softening of the enemy. The clean up move in with your fresh units the 1st attack range and cav’s priority was to route enemy range and soften enemy units. (step 5) The finaly send your fresh infantry in to administer the final blow attack the left overs use your fresh units to attack match each unit to unit match the units spear with spear sword to sword any exstra use to attack the strongest enemy


Stop enemy range from firing with cav or infantry hault ur range to fire on enemy infantry were the strongest units are or thickest glob of them are use one of your infantry as bait while the rest of your infantry attack the enemy in the back of enemy chasing your bait this probly wont work on me but practice on other players. This works best if you use a tight fomation in center with loose edges not too loose but a slight seperation allowing for contact before your main body reach enemy position. Remember constant firing of your range aimed at biggest clump of infantry will likely rout the enemy but make sure to chase them when routing cause they will recover try to be on enemy boarder side so they have less room to recover from routing
the only way to control your enemy and dominate your opponant is multiple movement feature this gives you the ability to have full control of your army lofe a great general. there are many wars to manuaver

loops are the most effective tool in your manuaver arsinal this tactic allows you to attack any hilltop camper, counter another bullrush player and most importaintly is effective in (1)Regrouping and gaining leverage in a bind or your units begin to route. The key to the sucess of a loop is the (2)Range must be on the side of the loop with the least enemy units then Post to fire on the pursuing enemy infantry if your (4)Range is being chased (5)Break off a unit or 2 off the infantry in the loop use your range as bait to seperate the enemy unit away from the bulk and eliminate the unit.
The point of the loop is to
(1)create confusion in the enemy ranks. (2)Allow your range to pepper down the enemy. (3)Seperate enemy units . (4)Allow your units to regain there leverage if the fight isnt going so well. (5)As units are looping out of a losing battle and enemy units are persuing the bulk of your units drop one of your infantry from the bulk to attack the persuing enemy if the enemy isnt microing good this single unit along with the peppering of your archers will be extreamly helpfull
There are keys to picking turrain
(1)look for the slop of the turrain or the change of color on the ground zoom in to see where the peak is that is a power position. (2)Its importaint to place your archers at the peak of that slop, darker areas in the turrain signify a change in elevation the higher the better giving your range units an unobstructed sight at the battlefield field. (3)Use the forest for cover when ever possible. If needed use the turrain to regroup if you know the enemy archers are in low turrain you can move to higher turrain to stop them from firing to regroup or move to the other side of the hill using the hill for cover.


to control your enemy is completely differant then simply defeating him, control i describe as the ability to allow the enemy to set his defense and remove him from a power position or remove his range threw turrain leverage and focused firing on a single enemy range completly routing his range while sparing


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Spliting your army is an effective tool to use on an opponant that keeps a tight formation or is on a hill or is mobile. (1)This requires a team that has the bulk of the range on one side we will call it teamA and a second (2)TeamB this team only has 1 range this is more or less used as a skermisher or a disrupter (3)To herass the enemy from forming properly this team isn’t to engage in a head on battle but insted a fly on the necks of the enemy peppering them (4)When the enemy attacks like a fly pull away if they send less superior units kill them (4.1)push when they fall back pull away when they attack, this is just so team A can (5)get in position ideally on a hill or high turrain each team is ment to keep the enemy in the center breaking the army from all sides. Since (6)Your army is weakend in streanght (6.1)Its important to not bite off more then you can chew (6.2)Retreat when charged with the team thats being charged loop in the fire range of the other team and the other team acts as power position and fires constantly. unison movement of each team is key to sucess (7)Try to seperate your enemy by moving in loops while firing use each range unit you have to full effect by firing with all units not being persued the furthest from the enemy bulk should always be firing even if you only fire once then hav to move. (8)Never let your range stray to far from the teams infantry you are stronger together. (9)The final blow one you’ve pepperd enemy infantry you loop to the team firing bringin the enemy to your opposite team use the your other team’s infantry to charge into incoming units and swing the range to the back while turning all teams and smashing persuing enemy


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There are many reasons for a clan but to have an effective clan there should be a purpose there are many ways to give it a purpose. I have created a game that can be played called territory advancements or Noremacs warrior bank there any screenshot with a general alive in it will recieve gold, here you can use screenshot of any battle won they are not required to be on the map like in territory advancements game
The worrior bank acts like a bank that = currency wich can be attained also by state income by (1)occupying a state territory in Territory Aadvancments(TA) map by (2)defeating a player on the board that holds a state or(3) challenge a player for territory in a spacific area on the map if your in logo range,
name the state the exact way its spelled on board the location using the north east .exst.

or join tournaments or bet another active player on a upcoming battle or your own for money alart noremac so the change can be seen in bank. If you are unskilled and can’t defeat players that arnt on (TA) map because some players on the map are challenging you can build your bank account by defeating random players

useing currency
to buy state territory13 gold or road territory 5gold but this has no state currency being its a road but it lets you expand to get near territory you want. Currency can be spent on the map to purchase castles, towers and boats even territory the more people you have in the clan the more currency you can build, its importaint to play alot if you arnt that passionate about the game you shouldn’t start a clan. If you are there is an economy to build wealth there is territory to gain prestiege and show your strenght. Build your Empire find players that are good if you are not good its best not to call yourself clan leader insted ask players to start a clan with you if a player is really good you can ask him to lead and you act as a recruiter to your clan building strenght till you become skilled then challenge the clan leader for leader title and reighn supream

What ever your purpose play as much as possible read tips to understand the machanics there are tricks or tips that have been tried and tested by me i use these tactics on the field if you ever see me you can see them at work although sometimes i lose but not frequently.

Never be afraid to lose there is NO shame in losing even if someone bash’s you message me and i can fight in your name as a mercenerry and i will aid in your conquest for a price or free if your a eiger to learn player. therre are many ways to win the best can impose there will on good players or can buckle an army from cav on down.

I will be creating forum based games that will act to test your skills in any given field im always trying to creat games to add more fun to this games since there are so many different ways to play and even more if others are willing to follow made up rules there are infinate possibilities. I will likly be here since its the few games i play if not the only its a the greatest chess games that when understood by both competing players can be intence and be played with genious skill turrain can be used to change games the battle can last a few minutes or many.


Edges of hills can disrupt units this slows down units and makes it hard to move and you wont be able to help your other units


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Triple team a single unit to rout them fast and inflict heavy damedge


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double tap and hold u will see a bubble pop up like here

then u select desired units u can select entire army to maneuver or just projectiles to move them into cover or push them to get in range also good for mass retreats to regroup and spread units apart in a bunch to better see the enemy is to lock on to better

after you move were you want to follow these steps to undo multiple movement Feature

1./touch any OPEN turrain to Deselect

  1. then tap another single unit to FINALIZE(if u ONLY deselect but DONT finalize then ur army will still be selected and move when tryn to MOVE camera or its angle)