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Any thoughts on a custom map?




You could make mounds to simulate buildings.


Now that large battles are possible too play real tactics are also possible. using your army like a true tactician and trying tactics real life generals in history used if you can use MULTIPLE MOVEMENT FEATUREThe more a tactic can work ive used these tactics with custom units.


A good reason why men rout this is similar to this game as far as moral goes click link its a reddit page real insight on why units route


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More tactics, regarding the General! If your general dies, you are pretty much through. One of my katana samurai defeated one samurai, one cav, and an ashigaru- all by itself, because the enemy general was dead and lots of other units were routing too. Routing creates routing! when one unit routs b/c it’s under pressure, other units begin to rout, and a massive chain can be set off! If a unit starts flashing, BACK IT UP IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID THIS! Also, if you attack with your general it provides a large morale boost, and units near your general fight much better. BUT DoNT OVeR uSe HIm! JUST DON’T! When you do use him, use him like katana cavalry- attacking, pulling back, charging In again over and over.


who likes my map? its called the Trident, inspired by the battle ground for robert’s rebellion in Game of Thrones


any problems? just tell me, im open 2 constructive criticism


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