Territory Bank. (Updated april,2 monday, 5am


Almighty fought with fooly and Centurion for one of their territory lands and gained two territory from Centurion and one from fooly after winning the battles.




3 for Centurion against The Dude

2 for centurion against the Great One


Lost one against tan pattern


Won one against great 1 and 1 against almighty


Won 1 against Centurion


Me and 2 others have recently formed. ` “The Ansar” we would like to claim territory but do not know how we go around doing so


Ok im the creater of territory. I will put you on in next update coming today or tommorow



Oh cool you won that one i saw some of it it was taking a while so i left but gg man well earned territory crini is tough to beat ima update tonight probly cause im kinda busy all day not to busy to play but to busy to update





one for the dude


last one for the dude Vs fooly bro


I was totally high that day :alien:


…and the farse continues :roll_eyes:


:cry::cry::cry::cry::weary::weary: play the game or quit​:cry::cry::cry::cry::weary::weary: