TERRITORY WAR.(((( Rules of territory wars))))COUNCIL. Join


So do we haft to take time


And what about Crini this is like a game favoring him cuz he just keeps cav alive so he will win all time


Actually, everyone benefits but it is just annoying


But it also gives u a chance to route his general and not take a loss or kill his general and keep urs alive and u can quit and claim territory if your gen is alive in 15 min


Ok I did the Crini tactic a while back and he said that running with 2 cav units was not honorable lol


Well, that is true


15 minutes, who so ever has the most soldiers in foot units… Some of you just run for you sweet candy ass live’s on horses.


Ok so what if I lost my general but won the match


I was just gonna say that


Then it would be a draw not countable on territory map otherwise a friendly or practice match thats the con




Lazy to read but I trust u man


Hay dude Wana go back to the clan


I’m riding solo for the next few miles… See what happens but thanks amigo


solo dolo


Rules to territory advancement game


Can i join?




Noremac said i could join but he aint tell me where on the map im at im fighting for territory in spain thats all i know


this is how infinry unit should protect archers archers should be put on high perches or ground use map editor 2 find high ground on certain maps the light and dark colors on turrain mean change on ground surface