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I am ok with anything as long as my leader the Horselord is okay with it


But whats crini tactic?


Run after he is defeated with cav and archers


Ty for telling


A loooong story look far back in the history of post and it explains everthing lol lots of history be part of play frequently crini tactics involves alot of kiteing and archer cav fighting alot of running aotherwise a slow death


Oh and what are my units weapons and how many units?


If you think your opponet will do that i suggest a surrounding tactic


Position your foot units all around the enemy army


Foots are long and horse are fast so dont really pressure to use foot units


No my friend that would make your army take to long for units do be able to help each other


Ya but when your about to win or when the enemy is a bit deplited i suggest that




And sorry if i annoy you with my replies


Not annoyed just easies seen then explained