Territory war summery


Official territory announcement


All post after post 304 the new maps begin in the territory advancements forum page


If anyone wishes to type this out on forum word for word i will replace the pic with text i will copy and paste send it to me via private message


A.R.F. also made a move and recieved a road territory in the direction of H.S.C.


Thanks for putting this together man and your hard work! Really awesome what you do for the game and its community!


:+1: thanks man thanks 4 playn this is a great game i needed somthing more slaped this together for scenerios similar to campain mode hope you like it thanks for the support


Does it look like u were going to have to chase me!? Really…10, max 15 min into the game…and me just having chased you up death mountain and killed ur last cav and achieving complete superiority! How long was left you think??Or rather…how long do you think you had left?? Just because I repositioned my archers out of the way of yours which were under cover of trees…you quit! Weak man…weak…you cant take advercity!


I think Centurion just doesnt like to be out of his comfort zone!


Ive dominated you enough to let it be known were i rank the previous games u also kept fast units alive to run so i was already bored of chasing idk man if your not playing territory war theres no point to chase u if a loss on my end has no repercussions its pointless to see it threw


Dominated…shiieeet! Mhm ok…sure! You cannot take advercityyyy…And yea if I plan to keep fast units alive…handle it…kill them if your so great! Plan to kill my fast units…I mean since you already know what am planning…or think you know…once again you’ve proven to be a winer…so braave…but such a winer! :roll_eyes:


Cent you once told me you could be a good cav player if you battled me on total war so why arn’t good on this game it’s funny


Wht??? Scipio go do somthing, i dont care what just quit talking😁 crini how many times i got to say it if you aint gonna play territory game its pointless to battle u i can have 6 fun games in the time it takes to play 3 with you if i really wanted to beat u i would save cav and range to chase you down but that plan would take 30 min at minimum to even start to route 1 unit


Now its no fun because its not territory…this gets better and better am telling u! Can u see where this is going ya’ll…in which direction this is heading!? Ajajajaj…Eric


Ok you got me im scared of your.superior tactics how u stratigicly save range, cav and turn a battle into a game of pac-man :+1: :+1: :+1:


I didnt say you are scared…you just get frustrated when you step out of your comfort zone and blame it on whoever you can blame it on! Maybe you’re a controll freak, it has to be YOUR game, YOUR tactics, YOUR conditions and so on…and…so on! And if its not…you resort to different tactics! The latest be…“if its no territory game its no fun I’m not playing”! Its in the gameplay you should resort to different tactics Eric!


When u always look to save units spacificly to flee or what ever your plan is, it leads to these every game. If you could just battle and not worry about saving these units and rather use them to win the main engagement. You insted spread your cav way out of the engagement to keep them safe so you not only have cav but a healthy cav leading to an even longer game this is why many consider your tactic cowardice most people just happen to have cav and range survive main engagement but will battle with them. Not run shoot a little then repeat till eventually after 40 50 min have gone by your opponent quits


Centurion stop it…here u go again with the time! Last battle u quit after 15 min and I had the upper hand, u had almost nothing left…and that was after the main battle, we both know why you quit! Now on top of that you are givng me shit because Im keeping my most important units healthy! Fuck yeah I keep range and cav healthy, they are the most important tool in this game…man get a grip! Should I rush them in the mele of the main battle…comooon man!?


To you there the most important too you. If thats how u wanna play thats fine but dont expect me to stck around for these tactics i have no intrest in seeing these battles threw for fun cause there anything but fun. So call it what u want make up your own reason or use the explanation i give you makes no difference to me as long as u purposefully save ur speed units to run at end u can have ur cheap victory cause i aint staying around

   War briefing all post after 304

The land has great cleansing and the wars of past in the territory’s to the far east of rome surrounding Han Dynasty have long been forgotten by the known world and have seaped into the tales of the past of glory and battle for territory’s
The dust has settled in the year of 125AD. there are six kingdoms that formed on the world stage led by 6 commanders that have gathered their forces to conquer the known world there are allies and feuds between these clans or warlords.
Mkbbr started by defeating all stretching his empire in all direction but he held no territory within the 2logo rule, (applied to active players only) in turn gaining road territory in their general direction seeking territory near other players by strategically beating the non-active map players on the road near other clans or warlord insures there will be states to conquere if you come across an active map player
The first feud was struck in the halls of a gathering of members known as the forum, were Flick_missile of the A.R.F. allies to all T.R.R. members all lead by general Noremac of the A.F.C. declared war on the dane clan lead by general Cavan2605 and its ranks occupied by Warloardshinzu03.
Durind the days following the feud Cavan had asked for the shield of H.S.C. in battle to aid in his conquest forging an alliance the H.S.C. led by general Centurion and his ranks consist of Metal, Danesoto and GooseFeetNoodle.
The warlord The Duderino he has struck hard and swelled his territory along all the roads in Africa although his road territory’s lay vulnerable t o attack shall any enemy arise, towers should be placed to ensure protection of these territories. The Dude nearly surrounds the state of A.R.F. though not purposely but thru the unspecified random rule, this brought him to the roads of A.R.F. and their borders but not in the form of aggression he has made it clear he plans on setting his sights toward the lands surrounding his state and has begun his campaign though his war chest runs rather lite protecting his general and a cav in the heat of a battle insures there will be gold to plunder from his screenshots he also requested all his screens go to the conquering of the surrounding states
The H.S.C. has also strategically struck seeking players on the roads commonly seen in the battlefields of samurai wars and conquered their roads to get close to the AU AG state mines worth lucrative riches then conquered the players that hold these territories also secured states away from Rome to ensure a sort of safe haven while being cautios to save the general and a cav guard in the heat of battle while charging quickening the time spent in warfare making the best of the limited time filling the clans war chest with gold
then a great battle ensued between the seldom seen Nox a skilled warrior and the general Centurion a battle that lasted 5 weeks in the 4 weeks of battle slander and venom were split between the commanders Centurion seeking reasoning for these losses accusing Nox of battling rough under the vail of other flags incounting during his quest of countless battles in order to get a feel for his tactic habits Nox replies “you think of yourself so highly general Centurion” Centurion reply’s “I know my skill and we have many seasons between us since we’ve faced each other in battle and I felt as though we just battle” Nox says “has your defeat seeped so deep into your blood you accuse me of fighting thru the vail of a rough flag” he spits at the sight of Centurion
Nox carries the heads of 4 of centurions generals signifying 4 separate battles though the 5th week Nox displayed the tactics common of the infamous Crini Khan, Centurions men after the days filled with minor guerilla tactics by Nox were tired though the victory was in sight the general Centurion looked at his men and saw the weariness in their eyes and gazed toward the 2 worm depleted fleeing units and decided to retire to camp after hours of chasing grew weary of the warfare Nox displayed retiring off the field insured the loss of Rome in the defeat from their homeland in Rome H.S.C. has retreated to conquered territory scattered to the north and east of Rome where they hold strategic state territories bringing state revenue
More to come as the war continues