Territory wars 2.1


This is a new game same map going off of all the original territory owned by each player,

Except now you gain territory by writing a narrative to the battle that will occur. You must name the territory name on the map i will create a custom map made from a landscape pic picked from the region then you will fight it with a custom army against whoever owns the state it if no one owns it then you will fight soom player on that map i will provide a map and units you will engage the other opponents as i sit idle them screen shot the winner if the opponent owns a wall or defense structure you will receive the lesser turrain advantage


I will fight any one for suebi the market part i will us this pic




Hey cent can you get me the original map



Cent I just think you should just restart territory wars 2 don’t add anything on it


Nah its too much work i cant do it on my own


I don’t think you should give everyone there territory back because It robs any new players who want to play and I think writing the battle narrative seems interesting but I think we shouldn’t have to do that


Any new players can force there way by challenging already established players thats the way the world works. Plus people that start might not stay active I’ve seen very few stay consistently active they come few and far inbetween


I hereby claim the province of Connacht in Ireland. The only other territory I am interested in is a boot shaped enclave deep inside my enemy’s ass.


I just think we should start off with a clean slate


Centurion we are not RMG anymore we are SOF


I request Jerusalem


JK JK I’m joking


I have no position to request or do i


Cent can you give me the map without being edited plz