Territory wars 2


I would like to move north if possible


Thanks bro, to be honest he has never beaten me once, maybe that’s why he’s posting those fake screens haha dat dude is a one of a kind!


Lol I used to destroy you in the beginning when you were TRR but now you never play so I cant get accustomed to your way of battle I put those screens up so cent would see that I wasnt glitching its not my fault your phone is glitchy the phone I am using right now hast had a glitch plus I heard a player once say he glitched when battling you so your is glitchy


Not sure what you talking about “show cent i wasnt glitching” i dont remember you explaini g any glitch


Did you move me on map?


. I would have won the last battle completely but I had to go to sleep I will take the rest of italy and advance into Sicily the rest you can choos for me


I want to fill in the spaces between my lands to the north. How much does it cost to build a wall around a well?



@TheHorseLord. @One_Man_Army @Noremac


Yo can I buy some walls around my castle

The Warrior's Bank

Can you buy castles on this game if so I would like to put one in italy


@TheHorseLord 35gold for a castle
@One_Man_Army 14 gold for walls around castle

All instructions/rules are on post 1 of this page.
All purchases have to be posted here and in worrior bank example


-14gold @One_Man_Army for walls around my castle


The Warrior's Bank

@One_Man_Army you should post this in the wArriors bank. I only do transactions that are posted there. Also I would prefer it if the person who has the money makes the post.


I’ll quote you over there so I can deduct the money. @Centurion1 Make sure posts like this get put in the Warriors Bank thread otherwise I might miss them.


You have 2 silver left @One_Man_Army


Thats why i instructed him to place it there at worrior bank also this is not official i was just giving them prices and example of how to do the post to obtain there needs


Cent lets do custom match right now ya


Thanks and I will do next time



More land around the well and towards Spain.